Sneak Peek at Broken

Chapter One

Whoosh- the metro train went flying by as my hair got
caught in the wind and started blowing all around my face. I buried down into my scarf a little farther in hope to stay warm as the train brought through more cold air.
It’s my favorite time of year: the snow is starting to fall, the Christmas lights are up, and the air smelled of sweet ham and bakery treats. The train came to a halt and there she was, Sophia Padgett, my best friend and sister by adoption. You could always spot her in a crowd. She is a 5’7”, pale, slender woman with beautiful long blonde hair and bright green eyes. She was one of those women who made a whole room turn around and look at her.
“Soph,” I yelled as I took one hand out of my pocket to wave. “Soph, I’m over here!” We always met at the metro station to walk home together, mostly because neither of us wanted to walk alone at night and partially because it had become a habit.
At a young age both Sophia and I were very successful thanks to her parents constantly pushing us to be better. We finished high school at fourteen and went off to college at fifteen. I received my PhD and Sophia finished med school by the age of 23. It was only two years later Sophia opened her own plastic surgery practice. As for me, my degree was just a piece of paper; it may have helped me start my magazine, but really it only made me look good on paper, but I finished with a PhD in Journalism.
I started Extra Points as a blog while getting my Master’s. It was part of the curriculum for a class, but Extra Points developed into much more than just a blog after a few months. EP became known nationwide quickly, but my passion was baking so I started an in-home bakery that catered to high end clients for their lavish parties.
With Sophia owning her own plastic-surgery practice, she could make her schedule fit however she felt in the morning. If she had had a long night she would go in late, unless she had already scheduled an early appointment. Most of the time her earliest appointment was 10 a.m. because she hated waking up early. She ran over and hugged me as if she hadn’t seen me in years.
“I am so happy to see you,” she said.
“What happened at work today?” I asked. We
started walking up the stairs to the street level and start our way home.
“You know the usual. Except today I had a very handsome man stop by the office. Lucky for me I was the only one at the front desk to help him,” she said.
“Why did he stop by the office?” I asked. It was so rare to hear about a handsome man stopping by her office because she never went to the front desk.
“He was stopping by to tell us that his ex-wife will be trying to charge him for a few procedures, but the courts have blocked her from charging him for miscellaneous procedures. She can make him pay only for the things that she must have to live. Of course, rarely does anyone need plastic surgery to live.” she explained.
The look on my face must have given her the seriously look.
“Hey, don’t judge me. A man can still be handsome and going through a divorce.” she said laughing.
“I’m not judging just thinking. Do you really need that sort of drama in your life?” I said.
“Well no, but he was still nice to look at. I also don’t believe he realized I was the doctor.” she said.
“Okay, I’ll cave; tell me what he looked like,” I said smiling.
“He was tan and had on a tailored suit that fit his body so perfectly. His face had high cheek bones and was very strong in appearance. His eyes were dark and cold. It was like looking into a dark forest,” she said.
“Wow that does sound handsome,” I said, dreaming about the unknown man.
As we approached our building the doors opened for us. We lived in the beautiful penthouse about 15 minutes from the train station. It was big enough that each of us had a master suite and an open floor plan.
Our home looked like something out of a magazine, and it was still so amazing that we could live and own this place. Our living room was huge with a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. Above the fireplace sat the theater-style television; it was almost too big for us. The flooring was black porcelain tile with a white furry carpet. A glass-top coffee table adorned the carpet and one large and one small white leather sofas surrounded the carpet.
There were also two white fabric chairs with words written on them at the head of the carpet facing the television and a black side table that sat in between them.
The kitchen changed into more of a farm style kitchen. The refrigerator was stainless steel and more restaurant style so we could have plenty of room for my baked goods and food for us to eat. The countertop was a stainless steel, but the island counter top was a dark mahogany wood with a farm style white sink in the middle.
After we had moved in we decided to move the kitchen a bit farther into the living room and move the dining room into the kitchen to make it a large eat-in kitchen. We then made a farm-style table out of rich dark mahogany wood. Each side had long bench seats that had white fabric, and the two chairs on either end were mint- green fabric. The table sat in the room that had floor-to- ceiling windows on all the walls. You could sit at the table and enjoy a beautiful view while eating.

I hope you have enjoyed a little sneak peek into Broken!! Tomorrow the book will be released on AMAZON.

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