That Summer Day 

That Summer Day Vol. 1

A day where the sun seems to shine forever, spring gives way to summer and everyone is celebrating with picnics, playing on the beach, and just having fun. Stories about this day are yours from eight very talented authors.
Fun in the sun turns into a nightmare after a murder.

A summer reunion ignites romance.
City vs Country: which one will prevail?
Goldilocks and Baby Bear like you’ve never seen them before
A promise leaves them wondering about the future.
Summer Solstice on a distant planet provides adventure, romance, and mystery for two, star-crossed lovers.
Can a stranger save her?
The fate of the world lies with a conflicted angel

The longest day of the year. Fun in the sun. Renewing friendships. Continuing traditions. Adventures of all sorts. K.A. Meng, Debbie De Louise, Stephy Smith, Justin Herzog, K.C. Sprayberry, Candace Sams, Margaret Scott, and Alex Pilalis bring you stories to entertain on this very special day.
And a very special story…

In a split second, the future Keaghan Graham dreamt of shattered into a million pieces, along with the remnants of his broken heart.
He escapes in search of an end to the inconceivable pain he feels after an unimaginable loss.
Will a chance meeting with a triad of Magical beings give his life purpose again?  
He learns that nothing happens, simply by chance.

Every twist in fate will reveal his destiny in the exact preordained moment in time it was meant to.
They are preparing Keaghan to become one of the twelve warriors of the Zodiac Illuminaries of Ravenokh.
Will he rise to the challenge and accept the call of the universe?
Enlightenment awaits just beyond the Cusp of Magic.
 By Summer Solstice 
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New Short Story 

I hate that I have been away for a while. I have been so busy writing and editing that I haven’t had time to update! 

I am so excited to announce that I am being published in That Summer Day Anthology out on June 21. 

There are other AMAZING stories being published in the Anthology as well!
K.A. Ming 

Debbie De Louise

Stephy Smith 

Justin Herzog 

Sadie K Frazier 

K.C.  Sprayberry 

Candice Sams 


So many amazing stories by great authors. Be sure to keep an eye out and get your copy.