Motivation… Do we really need it or is it an excuse?

Recently I watched a video and the lady in the video was talking about how motivation is complete BS.

Before I even saw the video I thought to myself, motivation isn’t BS, it’s something everyone needs at certain times to do different activities (like cleaning). After watching the video I realized motivation is BS and I was completely wrong. 

I only say I need to be motivated when I need to clean the house, because to be honest cleaning sucks. But then I don’t say that when I want to sit down and write. I don’t make up an excuse at all when I don’t want to write, I just say I’m not gonna write today or I’ll write when my brain can focus on that one activity.

I think saying we need motivation to advance our career, go out on our own for business, write a book, clean the house, work out, and/ or completing something we committed to is a way for us to use an excuse.

In the video the lady said that our brains are designed to protect us. 

As an example of my brain protecting me: When I started writing I had a completely different idea for my book (I still haven’t finished that book). One day I just ran out of ideas for that book, all inspiration left me. 

When I think about it now I feel as if my brain was protecting me because I built up in my head it wasn’t good enough or it was too raunchy. 

Well, a year later I started a different book. I completed it and edited it, and then I hesitated sending it to publishers. Did I really want people to read my book, would people like it, could I even make money off it, is this something I really wanted. All those questions were going through my head. It was in that hesitation my brain again started to kick in and protect me. It was protecting me from rejection, no one wants to be rejected for a piece of work that think is great! But I surpassed my brains natural instinct to protect by telling myself someone is gonna love my book, and guess what, someone did because I received a publishing contract.

Motivation was not what helped me get to that point. It was bypassing the excuses and getting things done and deciding that I wanted to make a go at this. I want to become a published author so that is what I did.

You don’t need motivation to make your marriage better or to do something nice for your significant other. You don’t need motivation to clean the house, either do it or don’t.

I think if everyone quit making excuses and just said what they feel the world would be a different place.

Instead of saying my idea isn’t good enough to present at the staff meeting, just do it. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Someone could say well I don’t know if that could work. But if they say that you better have something to back up your idea.

Always be prepared and know that sometimes you will get rejected, but thats okay. If you just sit back and be a yes-man or yes-woman then you won’t go anywhere in life.


After watching this video I don’t think about motivation as something I need. Rather, if I am writing I’ll say I need to be inspired. Writing is a bit different, I don’t need the motivation to sit down and write but I do need the inspiration to do so.

I hope this has inspired you to go out and really work for success, say whats on your mind and don’t hold back. We hold back as a way of protecting ourselves from being rejected. But if we are never rejected we never learn and we never grow.

-Margaret Scott

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