Liberty heads to Florida for Beach Blowout

This article was published in the January 1, 2017 edition

By Margaret Scott
Sports Editor

Raheem Anthony was named to the All-tournament team for the Fort Walton Beach Blowout over the Holiday Break.
Liberty won the tournament sportsmanship award.
“Our playing time in Florida showed numerous positives in terms of growth,” said Coach Randy Dunton. “The trip was awesome. Such a fantastic opportunity to grow as a team.”
The Minutemen left for Florida Monday, December 26 and returned Saturday. The Team played three out of state teams including Fort Walton, Rutherford and Dyer.
Liberty placed seventh in the tournament out of eight teams.
Liberty fell to Fort Walton Beach 56-46 in the first game of the tournament on Tuesday, December 27.
“Offensively, we saw more players step up their scoring skills and contribution. Of course the objective remains a victory, so we are disappointed to fall short against a very gifted Rutherford HS squad,” said Dunton. “However, the trip finished on a high note with our season’s best 32 minute performance in the win over Dyer County, Tn.”

The Minutemen then moved on to play Rutherford in the second game and fell 59-49.
Rutherford took a quick 20-10 lead in the first period. LHS battled and held Rutherford to only eight points in the second and scored 12. At Halftime Rutherford led 28-22.
Rutherford came back in the third and scored 18 points and held the Minutemen to 14. Liberty battled in the fourth but it wasn’t enough to gain a victory. Both teams scored 13 points in the fourth.
For LHS: Raheem  Anthony scored 10, D. Anthony scored 5, B. Slocumb scored 9, J. Slocumb scored 13, Carson scored 2, Orange scored 2 and Payne scored 8.
J. Slocumb scored 3, three-pointers, B. Slocumb scored 1, and R. Anthony scored 2, three-pointers.

Brendan Slocumb led the team in scoring when Liberty faced off against Dyer County for the seventh place spot. The Minutemen defeated Dyer 62-49.
LHS took a quick lead over Dyer 14-10 in the first period. The Minutemen continued to push hard in the second holding Dyer to nine points and scoring 12. At halftime LHS led 26-19.
Liberty stepped up its game after halftime scoring 24 points in the third and holding Dyer to nine. Dyer tried for a come back in the fourth but it wasn’t enough. Dyer scored 21 points in the fourth and held Liberty to 13.
“Ethan Payne is playing his best basketball on both ends. Raheem Anthony continues to be a tremendous athletic component and leader. Jonathon and Brendan Slocumb are so focused on their improvement and role that it is truly infectious,” said Dunton. “Now we need to put together a winning performance to establish a stronger team identity for January.”
For Liberty: R. Anthony scored 18, B. Slocumb scored 22, Roman Ridley scored 7, Johnathan Slocumb scored 4, Ethan Payne scored 9 and Elijah Graves scored 2.
R. Anthony scored 1, three-pointer, B. Slocumb scored 4, three-pointers and Payne scored 1.
Liberty will host Brookville on January 6 at 7 p.m.

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